Learn How to Play Bass With Online Free Bass Lessons

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Hey everyone, sorry I have not updated the site in a while as I have been busy. Bass videos and a new site design will be coming to the site soon.

Hello everyone, and welcome to the site play bass. A while back the site was hacked and a lot of lessons were lost, I am now currently re-writing these and updating the site. At the moment the site is not making enough money to cover the costs of running the site. If you believe the lessons/tools on this site to be helpful, could you please visit the page "Online Store", and purchase a set  of bass strings or somthing else please? This would be much appreciated and would help to make the site bigger and better in the future.

For the few people who may already know this the website used to be called howtoplaybass.co.uk, but changed its name to play-bass.com. This was because the site is aimed at worldwide bassist and not just for people in the UK, so for this reason the website was moved, all the same content but just a different name.

I am aware that there are many bass sites out there, some charge for their services, others do not. What they all have in common is that they all share the same rule of improving your bass playing skills. With this site I will try explain the way I learned and the way I think is the best way to approach the bass, I will also try to cover aspects of the bass that over sites have not covered, or try to explain in more detail.

Unlike most other bass websites, this site is more interactive where bass players can get together and talk and ask other bassists their views and opinions, just use the community tab on the top navigation bar.

I know it can be expensive for bass lessons from professional teachers and awkwardness they can bring, even online websites charge for their services. With this website this isn’t the case.
I have provided these lessons for those who want to learn on their own and who do not wish to pay if they do not feel the need to. Why pay for something you can learn yourself for free? With this website people are able to learn at their own pace, all it takes to excel at bass playing is time, effort and dedication, if you are willing to provide these then this site will do the rest.

I will have a range of free bass lessons up on the site ranging from the bass basics to the more advanced techniques. When the site is fully complete it will contain all the information for bass players to reach a high level of playing.

No matter what your playing ability is on bass guitar just have a look around the site and I am sure you will find something of interest. Eventually I will have a range of bass tools that people will be able to use free of charge, and also a page for downloads so people can download content that is available. A competition page will be added at a later date. Competitions will then be held every week or month, depending on the prize.


Unlike most websites, this website contains all the very basics on how to get started playing the bass, if you are a beginner, or you are thinking about taking up the bass you are in the right place, so if you have just started to play the bass then this is the site to use.
For beginners I would suggest starting from the very beginning and read all the sections on bass basics, which is located on the left hand side and has its own category. It covers everything needed to start on the right path at becoming a great bassist, and a better musician. The lessons are in order of relevance too.

Advanced Players

Now as an advanced player it really depends on how advanced you are and what you wish to learn. I could suggest you learn a new technique e.g. slap bass, but you may be unfamiliar with scales and arpeggios. If you are unsure what to learn I would suggest that arpeggios and scales are more important than slap bass and tapping, as to become a great bassist it is essential that a great amount in theory is learned.

Final words

New lessons will be wrote regularly and updates will be performed, as the site is far from complete and as of yet is still under construction. Pay regular visits to the website to see if anything has been updated, changed, or a new section has been made. See the updates page for any updates that have been made.

Bookmarking my site will come in very handy, use the bookmark icon located under the advance bass for easy bookmarking.

I hope people will use this site regularly and also respect the information provided, oh and the final thing to remember is to have fun and enjoy learning.
Thank you,