Bass exercises are great for building speed and accuracy


These bass lesson concentrate on bass hand exercises which are great for every bassist no matter what their playing ability is.

They are great for building strength, independence and even accuracy of your fingers in your fretting hand.

As a bass player it is essential that you have control over your fingers as your fingers are not used to the movements you want them to do you have train then to do so. Learning bass exercises will help stretch your fingers and get your fingers used to different fretting possibilities.

I would recommend these bass exercises to be played slowly to begin with and then as you get comfortable playing them, then you may speed them up. If played too fast too quick you will end up not playing them correctly, or playing them too sloppy, so it's best to start slow so your fingers can build up their strength and independence.

I have used eight exercises altogether (four on each page) and arranged them in what I consider there difficulty rating, with the first one being the easiest and the last one being the hardest. I have also included a page of all the possible finger variations in a single hand position. Each bass exercise consists of a tab and also an example of what the exercise should sound like. All the exercises want to be played ascending then descending and each number represents what fret to play on. If you are unsure how to read tabs then have a look at my lesson on "How To Read Bass Tabs". The exercises need to be played with the one finger per fret rule, if you are unsure what this is then have a look at my lesson on "One Finger Per Fret Rule".

I have set the exercises out so they all start on the first fret but some bassists when starting to learn these for the first time may find them too hard to play on the first fret. If this is so then just move the exercises up just a few frets on about the 8th fret, as the frets are closer together up there making the exercises easier to play. When you get comfortable with this just move down one fret at a time.

All these hand exercises if practiced everyday will improve your playing ability loads. I would recommended playing them each a few times everyday, or practice about 3 of them for 5 minutes each day, then alternate each day with different exercises. When you can play these exercises effortlessly then you may give up playing them as much.


Bass Exercises part 1 - Contains four exercises all with tabs and samples.

Bass Exercises part 2 - Contains four exercises all with tabs and samples.

Different hand possibilities - All the finger possibilities that can be played in one hand position