Learn How to Play Slap Bass


Slap bass has become very popular with bassists and is a whole new way to play your bass, it also adds variety to your playing. It all started out because of the lack of a drummer in a band and since then has become world renowned with most bassists wanting to learn or try the technique. Slap bass has even become a new reason why some bassists even started learning the bass in the first place.

Slap bass isn’t the easiest of techniques to learn and if you are a beginner you will have real trouble in mastering this technique, but when you do you will become quite pleased with yourself and also add another tool to your bass playing box.

I’m going to discuss a wide range of topics in this lesson as I feel the lessons out there don’t offer the kind of information that can be given, or at least all on one site. A lot of people and bassists out there try to make money from teaching slap bass as everyone wishes to learn the technique and are willing to pay the money for that advice, but let me tell you with hard work, dedication and guidance slap bass can be learned without spending any money what so ever.

I am going to set this lesson into groups of what I feel bassists should learn. If you read and study the information from the beginning and with care than this will stop confusion and also help to have a better understanding of the technique.

Slap Bass Information - I urge people to read this before they even attempt to learn slap bass, as a better knowledge of what slap bass is and where it come from will help you have a better understanding of what it is and how it came about.

How to slap bass - Learn how to slap that bass like the professionals. This includes detailed step by step instructions which will get you slapping that bass in no time.

Popping - The next part of slap bass is being able to pop. You really need to be able to pop to be able to slap bass.

Octaves - these use both techniques, slapping and popping and are very common.

Hammer-ons/Pull-offs - These can add more to your playing and improve your ability, and with a lot of bassists using them in slap bass, it is essential you learn them.

Left Hand Slap - This is another percussive effect that can be incorporated into the style that is slap bass.

Ghost Notes - Add to your style even further by spicing up your popping.

Songs With Slap Bass - Learn some simple songs out there to get you going and improve your skills even further. I will also add some of the best songs out there that include the technique slap bass